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Being in the business world is like running in a horse race, only there is no finish line. You continuously run to get ahead of your competitors, and you cannot afford to stop or you’ll be left behind. You know who your toughest competitors are, the ones who stay really close to you on the racetrack.

So, how do you pull away from your challengers? What is the winning formula in the business horserace? The answer of course lies in the horse you have. Even if you are the top jockey among your competitors, your chances of leading the race will be slim if you don’t have the right horse. It will be the one to bring you to success.

In the business world, your communications system is your horse. 800 numbers are the stallions, while traditional phone systems are the ponies. Top companies of today use 800 numbers to reach remarkable business milestones. Get to know all there is about them, from basic information to features to how 800 numbers can help you in running your race. Commonly asked questions are also answered to help you get more familiar with 800 numbers.

If you aim to lead the race, you should get the best stallion there is. Fifteen 800 numbers providers are reviewed to help you choose what’s best for you. See which among them wins the race in terms of features, pricing and customer support.

All the information you need to know about 800 numbers is here. Take advantage of the capabilities 800 numbers can give you and compete in the business race with the best service provider.

Marketing Advantages of Having an 800 Number

When it comes to your business, the better your marketing strategy is, the better your chances are in attracting potential customers. Thatís why business owners wouldnít hesitate to pay huge bucks on ad campaigns and marketing efforts in order to make their brand more appealing. That, however, is the luxury that large corporations have. Small businesses, on the other hand, need to delve into something more cost-effective.

Toll free numbers, particularly 800 phone numbers are effective and affordable tools in marketing your products and services. These numbers enable your customers to contact you without incurring any unwanted call charges, regardless of their location. Advertisements with an 800 number are proven to bring in more orders than those that donít. And judging from simple human psychology, costumers will always be attracted to anything that is free of charge. Business can take advantage of this human behavior by offering toll free 800 phone numbers so the customer will be enticed to call.

Small business owners can surely benefit from having an 800 phone number. When your target customers see that you have a toll free number in your business cards, pamphlets, brochures and catalogs, they would be motivated to respond and call you right away. It gives your company an image of professionalism and dependability, thus giving your customers the confidence to inquire and subscribe to your products and services. Having a toll free number also decreases product return rate since your customers can just call your hotline if they have queries and problems after buying your product.

Moreover, itís a must for every business owner to maintain regular communication with their patrons and customers. Thatís where an 800 phone number comes in handy. It enables you and your customers to stay in constant communication. It would also prove that you give emphasis to their inputs and you want to have their continued patronage.

Toll free numbers also allows you to be more creative. Aside from the typical 800 prefix, toll free numbers also have various prefixes such as 866, 888 or even 877. The extended prefixes show that there are enough toll free numbers for businesses to obtain them on demand. 800 vanity numbers, on the other hand, are toll free numbers associated with your product or brand name. If 800 phone numbers can greatly increase your response rate, vanity numbers, being easier to remember, give you an even better chance to be called. Not to mention, a vanity number adds flair and flamboyance to your brand, making it even more attractive to consumers.

With all the toll free number services out there, finding the appropriate provider is not as hard as it used to be. While itís true that only large businesses can only afford to offer toll free numbers in earlier years, several factors like competition between phone service providers have resulted in affordable 800 number access for all businesses. With low per minute costs, low operational costs and negligible monthly fees, even small sized companies can avail of an 800 phone number service.