You can expect your business to grow once you start using a toll free number. Because of this, you need a toll free service provider that has a scalable pricing plan, so that you can easily shift from one plan to another. Here are companies that offer different pricing plans which you can switch to at anytime your business requires a more advanced package to accommodate your needs.


RingCentral has the most scalable toll free service among all the plans reviewed. It offers four plans that differ in included minutes and number of extensions. You can start with the Professional Plan and switch to any of the three other plans as your calls increase. If you receive more calls, you can use a higher pricing plan as it has a lower per-minute charge than what’s below it. All plans have the full features of the RingCentral package that comes with your toll free number.


Phone People has an Unlimited Plan that lets you accommodate as much call minutes as you need for $99.99 a month. This includes 100 extensions, as with its Power Plan that has 2,600 minutes and is priced at $49.99. Its most affordable plan is the Economy Plan, priced at $9.99 with 100 minutes and five extensions.

FreedomVOICE Systems

Freedom Voice lets you customize your plan according to two bases: feature set, and number of minutes and extensions. First, choose your plan based on the feature set. There are three plans of different feature packages, with the highest priced plan having the most features. After choosing your feature-based plan, you choose the additional monthly payment based on the number of minutes and extensions. Freedom Voice has eight pricing plans that start with a non-prepaid plan to a monthly payment of $225.00 for 2,500 minutes.

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX has four plans that start at $9.99 a month. As your business grows, you can switch to a higher pricing plan with more minutes and number of extensions. The charge for every additional minute also decreases as your plan escalates. This is to accommodate your increasing phone needs as a growing and expanding business.


Grasshopper has three pricing plans, starting at $9.95. Its most expensive plan lets you have three toll free numbers and includes 10,000 minutes. Every Grasshopper plan has unlimited extensions, giving you more freedom to scale your business according to its needs.


Halloo has 2 sets of pricing plans. One is for the individual user, and the other is for offices. The office plans are more expensive than the individual plans, and include 100 extensions. For each set, there are five pricing options that differ in number of minutes and extensions. The individual plan set’s most affordable plan costs $1.95 a month with no included minutes. For every minute incurred, you are charged 9.9 cents. This gets lower as the pricing plan gets more expensive. Its most expensive plan, the Solo M-2500, includes 2,500 minutes and cost $99.99 a month. The office plans have the same number of minutes and overage rates, only more expensive because they include 100 extensions.