Call Conferencing

With call conferencing, you can hold meetings with your remote offices and even with your customers. Here are the service providers that offer call conferencing in their toll free service packages.

  • Participants can join in a conference by dialing your Kall8 number and entering a designated PIN.
  • Standard call rates apply
  • $2.00 minimum monthly fee
  • Call conferences can accommodate up to six parties.
  • Standard call fees apply.
FreedomVOICE Systems
  • On-Demand Teleconferencing lets you have a toll free number dedicated for teleconferences.
  • Callers can join a conference by entering a designated PIN.
  • Participants have different keypad controls with the operator for better calls management.
  • $5.00 monthly fee
  • 4.5 to 6.9 cents per-minute charge, depending on your pricing plan
Virtual PBX
  • Conferencing is integrated into the toll free service of Virtual PBX, allowing instant conferences without the need to purchase it as an additional service.
  • Call conferences are charged 4.9 cents per minute.